Italy Meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders (IMG)
"Common Strategies and Bilateral Relations in the New Era of Diplomacy"

The next IMG Weeklong Seminar will take place in Berlin from July 29th - August 1st, 2014

Welcome to Italy Meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders (IMG)

Italy Meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders (IMG) is a network of students and young professionals who have an interest in exploring and supporting Italian- German Relations.  The program aims to highlight the importance of the historic relationship between Italy and Germany. The ultimate goal of the forum is to educate, enhance and sustain the Italian-German relationship by empowering the next generation of young leaders from Italy and Germany.

Today Germany is one of the most powerful countries in the European Union and now that the recession has ended in Italy, the Mediterranean country can be a worthy partner for Germany. It is not only economic, but political and cultural ties that connect the two countries together, which make their cooperation even more important.

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy now provides a forum to embrace and examine the field of cultural diplomacy and its importance in Italian-German relations. During the weeklong seminar participants have the opportunity to get a detailed look at current Italian-German relations and discuss their thoughts and ideas about the future bilateral cooperation. At the IMG weeklong seminar every participant has the chance to meet prominent experts of the field and work in a multicultural environment. The Forum's weeklong seminar is a perfect opportunity for those who are studying in the field of International Relations, International Business, European Studies and any areas related to Italian-German relations, or for those who are simply interested in the present and the future of the cooperation between Italy and Germany. The forum organizes conferences, public lectures, events and online activities which offers exclusive access to the members of the forum.

About IMG Weeklong Seminars »

Weeklong Seminars are held every 4-6 months and consist of 4-5 day programs of lectures, seminars, and workshops, together with cultural and social activities. The Seminars aim to give the participants an insight into key perspectives on Italo- German relations, and to introduce them to a network of likeminded individuals. Speakers during the seminars include individuals from the fields of politics, diplomacy, academia, culture & the arts, civil society, and the private sector. Once individuals have taken part in an IMG Weeklong Seminar and joined the forum, they become a part of the ICD’s network, which facilitates communication between like-minded individuals across the world.

Once they have joined the IMG Forum, members are supported by the ICD in organizing leadership initiatives, conducting academic research, and are invited to join the ICD Online Forum - enabling them to share information and communicate with likeminded individuals across the world.

Joining the Forum »

Italy Meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders (IMG) is open to all individuals with an interest in exploring and strengthening relationships within Italy and Germany as well as the relationships between the two countries and the rest of the world. To join the forum you must take part in one of the IMG Weeklong Seminars, which will be held every 4-6 months.

If you would like to reserve a position and participate in the seminar, please click on the "Apply Now" link below and fill out the online application form:

Next Weeklong Seminar

(Berlin; July 29th - August 1st, 2014)
In addition to looking in greater detail at the history and development of cultural diplomacy, the next IMG Weeklong Seminar will focus in particular on the following main theme:

"Common Strategies and Bilateral Relations in the New Era of Diplomacy"

The following issues will be mentioned and explored:
  • The Italian-German economic partnership in the context of the Euro crisis

  • Italian economic reinforcement

  • Public and private sector

  • Italy and Germany as leaders of the Continental and the Mediterranean micro-regions that

  • The current political situation of Italy and Germany